Nike Hat For Kids

32. When he Nike Hat For Kids tells you no, promptly say "Well, she can't possibly be alone with your father in jail!"

Nike Hat For Kids

Nike Hat For Kids

38. Also flirt with Gryffindors!

ways, but I don't care! You can all deal! Oh and there are some spoilers in this one for those who haven't New Era Ny Giants Hat

37. Flirt with Blaise Zabini, Marcus Flint, even Crabbe or Goyle around him as much as you can!

Ok here is part 2 of 30 Ways to Annoy Draco Malfoy! Yes, I know 31 to 60 is only 29 Nike Hats With Gold Nike Sign

36. When he walks into the Great Hall with the hat on, give Adidas Hat White And Black

Read Memo First!

Nike Hat For Kids

31. Ask him if his Mom is having a thing with Snape.

30 Ways to Annoy Draco Malfoy

Created by iLUVdjr

Nike Hat For Kids

35. When he declines, give him a seductive look and tell him that it would make you go crazy for him.

30 Ways to Annoy Draco Malfoy! (31 60)

39. Go up to him and tell him that there is a killer loose in the school and they are killing anyone named Draco! (I really hope I don't get sued for that one!)

Nike Hat For Kids

Nike Hat For Kids

Created by iLUVdjr on Friday, August 18, 2006random, bored, blah, dracomalfoy

read the 6th book or don't read the books.

34. Run up to him holding a ridiculus hat. Tell him that everyone has one and that he should definitely wear one!

Nike Hat For Kids

Nike Hat For Kids

33. Put pink die in his hair gel.

Nike Hat For Kids

him a disgusted look and put her arms around Harry's neck!

Nike Hat For Kids

Nike Hat For Kids

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