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All were tested on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium with 4 gigabytes of DDR2 ram. All of these games should play well under Windows XP and Vista 32 and 64 bits.

Most people buy better laptops than this one, and I say if I can have hours of gaming fun with my rig's specs, You can New Era Tampa Bay Lightning

on anything. (All High Settings for these games)

Nike Hat

Nike Hat

Nike Hat

Quake 1 Enhanced 1996 new textures and models

Nike Hat

Heretic 1 1994 Enhanced new textures and models

1994 1999 These are simply the oldest and best classics that really were the founders of modern gaming. These should run on any laptop that can run XP.

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Here is a list of my favorite games that all have good to great graphics that I can run on my cheap 350 dollar laptop. (Bought new this year)

I am going to prove that wrong. My laptop has a single core AMD processor and an ATI 4200 HD integrated graphics chip for graphics with 128 MB of dedicated ram, shared up tp 1 gigabyte. This is considered to be a weak graphics chip.

I do consider this rig a Gaming Laptop and I'll tell you why. It may not play all the newest games out there for 2009 and 2010 but there are Hundreds of Great games it will Nike Hat play. and play nicely. The Xbox is considered a Gaming Console, but It won't play all the higher end games the Xbox 360 will play. Likewise, I can in good conscience think of my rig as a Gaming Laptop.

(On many of these games I have added Enhancement Mods to make the games look feel and play better than the originals. If you Google search you can find these. If you don't own the game, sorry I can't help you. You will just have to find a place to purchase the game on your own. With a few exceptions)

Freespace 2 1999

FreeSpace 1 The Great War 1998


Nike Hat

Nike Hat

So you have always been told laptops aren't made for gaming.

Non Graphical Text Adventure Games I mention these because they are classic and will run on anything and are tons of fun and very challenging.

ZORK 1, 2 and 3 1990 1993

Classic Shooters: ( All High Settings for these games)

75 Great Games that run well on a Cheap Laptop

Redneck Rampage Collection 1997 ( 3 games)System Shock 2 1997 Enhanced New textures and models

Heck I love and play all of the Infocom text adventure games and they can all be found free on net due to defunct company. ( Infocom even has some great graphical adventures if you can find them)

went under. Almost no one has heard of this game but it has a very strong cult following. Good graphics and plays well Ny Caps

HardWar: The Future is Greedy 1998 + Mods and patchesThis game can be legally downloaded from Captain Zedo's Hardwar site because the company is defunct and no one owns the rights to the game who is still in business. The dev team members even wrote and released patches for the game long after the company Nike Caps

Nike Hat

Nike Hat

Nike Hat

Half Life 1998

Hexen 2 1997

Nike Hat

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