New Era Seattle Seahawks

qualified scientists that we could look to as Adidas Cap Chicago Bulls

New Era Seattle Seahawks

of science based companies and expert networks of highly Ny Yankees Hat Tumblr

Mr James said that efforts to mitigate the effects of Pfizer's decision helped persuade them to stay in east Kent and that enterprise zone status was a "major advantage".

New Era Seattle Seahawks

He said: "While Pfizer had signalled its intent to downscale its operations we recognised that there Nike Cap For Man

This has been a challenge but also growth at Discovery Park provides a great opportunity for companies to establish New Era Seattle Seahawks and promote services which previously were in less demand or catered for within Pfizer.

New Era Seattle Seahawks

"Large international organisations provide internal access to core services eg intellectual property, creative services, procurement, telephony, internet, legal, HR and electronic libraries.

New Era Seattle Seahawks

New Era Seattle Seahawks

Since leaving Pfizer we have had to source many of these services externally.

Access to affordable funding is key for growth and in part the east Kent regeneration fund gives us this.

Our business is heavily reliant on having a hi tech infrastructure available as we work globally and rely on tools such as video conferencing and high speed data networks to communicate and transfer data, so access to 21st century communications (rail, road and internet) and reliable high speed mobile phone communications across east Kent are essential for us to remain in east Kent and grow.

New Era Seattle Seahawks

New Era Seattle Seahawks

New Era Seattle Seahawks

New Era Seattle Seahawks

potential clients and as a resource to grow our business."

Looking to the future, A4P knows there are challenges ahead.

was still a significant science presence both in terms

"The east Kent regeneration fund provides a springboard for new start ups like A4P and established companies to invest and grow their businesses."

New Era Seattle Seahawks

35m pot launched to benefit businesses

Mr James said: "Key challenges are for us as individuals to become businessmen and not just scientists.

He added: "There is a significant science base existing in east Kent that can be reenergised to rebuild a vibrant diversified scientific business community. For us it makes a lot of sense to be part of this.

New Era Seattle Seahawks

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