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The reasoning was understandable. Leppings Lane was at the west end of Hillsborough, the Kop at the eastern end.

New Era 9fifty Blank

Hillsborough signalled an end to fencing, and the advent of all seater stadia.

20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster

New Era 9fifty Blank

Next Wednesday sees the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, which resulted in the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans. They had been at Sheffield Wednesday's stadium for an FA Cup semi final with Nottingham Forest. In a week long series, we look at the legacy of that tragic day. Here, Andy Smart, who was there, outlines why Hillsborough will never be forgotten.

New Era 9fifty Blank

Unlike the Kop, which opened onto a wide main road with plenty of space for queues, the entrance to Leppings Lane was tight and just before kick off it was jam packed with Liverpool fans, many arriving late because of roadworks.

New Era 9fifty Blank

Like in 1989, Liverpool fans had been allocated the smaller Leppings Lane end of the ground while Forest were given the vast expanse of the Kop.

New Era 9fifty Blank

truth, become bit players in this whole drama, and it is hard to imagine the team being able to treat the replay as just another game".

Although Liverpool had a greater demand for tickets, to have swapped the ends of the ground would have meant the fans from both clubs crossing paths and fears of the violence which then plagued football meant that scenario was vetoed.

That was despite the 1981 semi final between New Era Detroit Red Wings

It is easy to understand the outpouring of grief on Merseyside at the loss New Era 9fifty Blank of so many lives. But, it is fair to say, the trauma shared by people from Nottingham has often been overlooked when weighed against that terrible human toll.

All it needed was the right combinattion of circumstances to tip the balance.

The replay was held at Old Trafford four weeks later. Liverpool won 3 1. It was almost inevitable. As Phil Soar wrote in his Forest history: "Forest had, in Adidas Cap Nz

New Era 9fifty Blank

THE final death toll from the Hillsborough disaster of April 15, 1989 was 96 with more than 700 injured.

suffer the effects of what they witnessed and their testimony underlines that Hillsborough was a tragedy which went beyond the boundaries of Merseyside.

Spurs and Wolves, when more than 30 people had been hurt in a similar crush.

Nevertheless, it exists. We have spoken to local people who still Adidas Cap White And Black

So, thousands of fans rushed through and, fatally, into the two central pens already dangerously overcrowded. As the pressure built from the back, those at the front were crushed against the iron fencing, the breath forced out of their bodies.

Hillsborough was a disaster waiting to happen. The warnings signs had been clear 12 months earlier, when Forest and Liverpool met in the 1988 FA Cup semi final. There had been crushing in Leppings Lane, a standing area of five iron fenced pens, that day too, but without any great mishap.

New Era 9fifty Blank

As kick off neared, pressure on the turnstiles reached breaking point. Overwhelmed by the crowd, and fearing serious injuries outside the ground, the decision was made by the police to open a gate normally used for exit and not equipped with turnstiles.

New Era 9fifty Blank

New Era 9fifty Blank

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