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Moss picked up Isaiah and held him slightly above his head as Isaiah couldn't stop smiling.

Isaiah's mother, Ann Edmiston, 25, said her son was thrilled to see the veteran NFL player.

It is the second straight year the 49ers have visited Akron Children's Hospital.

But Isaiah wasn't the only one smiling on Monday.

Tyler is hoping San Francisco makes it three in a row.

"Essentially it paralyzed him from his feet up to his face," said Tyler's father, Mike Platt, 37. "He was transferred from this campus to the main (in Akron). Had he been at home, they said he wouldn't have made it through the night because his respiratory system shut down. When we brought him home Los Angeles Dodgers Cap

"This makes our day to come back and see the smiles on these parents' faces," Moss said. "It shows them that we do care. It's not watered down. There's nothing fake about it because these kids New Era 9fifty Original Fit

"He woke up and couldn't walk," Ann said. "Getting him back to walking, it's still hard. He's doing good."

"He had a miraculous recovery," Platt said. "He was on the baseball field in less than three months, played tackle football. They've done everything to make him feel like he was part of their family."

The 3 year old Warren native was looking at San Francisco 49ers receiver Randy Moss, who stands 6 feet 4.

For Isaiah, the miracle wasn't that he saw Moss it's the fact that the Warren boy is on his feet.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

If the 49ers do, include Moss.

But with GBS, the paralysis is only temporary.

"Once you become part of an Akron Children's Hospital family, they treat you like you are they are your family," Platt said. "They do everything they can to make your kids feel like they're special New Era Tampa Bay Lightning

everything they had to go through and the reason they had to come here in the first place.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

from Akron main, he was in a wheelchair."

"We're blessed and my kids are blessed to be able to have their health and to waking up every day," Moss said. "I was asking one of my teammates if he's been in the hospital with one of his kids. He told me no. That's basically the point I was getting to that we're lucky for us to be over here, spending time with these families and these kids. That's the least we could do. I wish we could do more. It's just charity work and I'm always up for charity work especially when it benefits the children."

are sick.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

Ann said there was a virus blocking some of Isaiah's nerves and wreaked havoc with Isaiah's spine and legs.

"I think it's great for the soul," Moss said. "I think it's great for the mind to really be able to come to see these kids, see their parents when they're feeling down and out and put a smile on their face.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

Moss and other 49ers were visiting with the children and their families Monday at the Akron Children's Hospital Beeghly Campus. The 49ers are in town this week to prepare for Sunday's game at the New York Jets. The 49ers are owned by Denise and John York of Boardman.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

"Come back again next year," he said.

"They try to make them forget about all the bad things and give them positive reinforcement."

Things like the 49ers visit help Tyler as well, Platt said.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

"That's what life is about is happiness and seeing other people happy.

BOARDMAN Isaiah Edmiston first gazed New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty at his eye level and looked more than 4 feet upward eyes getting wider as they moved taller than his childlike body.

49ers take time out for kids

He currently is in rehabilitation at the hospital and has been there for more than a month.

Moss was visibly happy, interacting with each youngster.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

One such child is 9 year old Niles resident Tyler Platt, who has Guillain Barre syndrome and was diagnosed in January 2011.

New Era 39thirty Vs 59fifty

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