Kansas City Royals Hat

And I know this true speaking as someone who had the misfortune to pick up a relative from there in April"

Kansas City Royals Hat

Kansas City Royals Hat

to the local and regional economy."

She called for an explanation as New Era Cap Camo

Kansas City Royals Hat

A Liverpool City Council spokesman said including the baggage handling facility was simply "prudent budget planning", adding: "We can't do anything until we get the outcome of the consultation."

constituency and those throughout Hampshire."

still ongoing. It also reveals the true scale of the threat that Liverpool City Council's and Peel's plans pose to ports in other parts of the UK and Europe, as well as the damaging knock on effect

Kansas City Royals Hat

Romsey and Southampton North MP Caroline Nokes has written to shipping minister Mike Penning to ask why it has not been mentioned in the consultation process so far.

He added: "The prospect of allowing yet another significant amount of public money to take business away from other ports reinforces

our view that Liverpool City Council's proposal is unfair and, indeed, potentially illegal under EU state aid rules."

23m cruise plans to challenge city From Daily Echo

Kansas City Royals Hat

If they didnt think that Liverpool would try and exploit union militancy in Southampton to take business away from the city, Nike Hat Purple

Southampton port director Doug Morrison said any extension to Liverpool's facility should be funded privately: "Naturally, we are very concerned about this new development since the consultation is

The redevelopment plans, revealed in meeting minutes from Liverpool City Council, would create a "baggage and passenger handling facility and additional vehicle bridge" at the cruise terminal.

In a letter to Shipping Minister Mike Penning, Ms Nokes wrote: "The exclusion of this information in the consultation fails to reveal the true scale of the potential threat to businesses in my

It will take 23million to replace the portakabin that they currently use, plus a new road system, signs that are not written on cardboard and benches so the porters do not have to sit in the gutter!!

Kansas City Royals Hat

If the cruise industry in Southampton is weakened by this strike action, the unions and their workers will never be forgiven.

Kansas City Royals Hat

Time for the unions to grow up.

Kansas City Royals Hat

Not only will the strikes achieve nothing but more redundancies and bigger pay cuts, through wasting taxpayers money, they will also weaken the unions by wasting their resources, they will weaken union members through tapping them for strike funds, and they will cost other jobs in Southampton which could have absorbed some of the workers who leave or are made redundant by the council.

Kansas City Royals Hat

The strikes are entirely self defeating, and time for the workers and the residents to demand they stop, and now.

The news has angered the Southampton Ny Hats Pink

camp, which believes Liverpool has already been given an unfair advantage by using 21m of public funds to build its cruise terminal.

Liverpool City Council would contribute 10m towards the plans, including 6m from this year's budget.

"The City Terminal is owned by Liverpool City Council and, as a general point, it is not surprising that there should be budget provision for works required both for existing operations and on the

they were very naive

Kansas City Royals Hat

to how the "serious omission" had come about.

The Department for Transport did not confirm whether it was aware of the upgrade plans.

Because of the public subsidy, a restriction Kansas City Royals Hat was imposed so Liverpool could only be a day stop, rather than launching its own cruises, to avoid an unfair advantage over privately fundedLiverpool and its port owner Peel Ports has now asked for this to be lifted but is offering to pay back just 5.3m of its taxpayerfunded handout.

Kansas City Royals Hat

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